Mikvah International was established with the goal of increasing Taharas Yisroel by building and supervising mikvaos in every corner of the globe.

This is being accomplished by promoting the construction of impeccable- standard kosher Mikva’os for Jewish communities around the world. With the mission line of “A Mikvah for Every Jewish Community”, Mikvah International has set its goal to provide resources, guidance and leadership for the construction and maintenance of community Mikvaos.

For many smaller, outlying communities, expense and lack of proficiency often result in substandard halachic construction, or halachically invalid maintenance and upkeep. Mikvah International provides the financial incentives as well as the impetus for the goal of building a Mikvah that is of the highest halachic standards and physical aesthetics. Luxurious, spa-like preparation rooms, tasteful décor, as well as elegant lighting and furnishings are all beautifully coordinated to bring a sense of joy to the special mitzvah of tevilah and to create an overall positive and pleasurable Mikvah experience.